Summer Activity Trail – Cirencester

Immersive Summer Activity Trail – Cirencester Park – Only 4 Days per week!

Something strange is happening in the Whispering Woods and we need your help to solve the mystery! 

A fully immersive theatrical production where you, as woodland guests, become part of the story. 

‘Simon the dinosaur was playing at Lavender’s place and his roar did vanish, gone, no trace! 

Poor old dormouse was having a sleep and woke to no boot on one of his feet…

There’s something a miss and you being our friend,

we thought you could help… a wish you could lend?’

Little helpers needed…!

Come join us on our quest to help Lavender the woodland fairy. Her best friend Simon the dinosaur has lost his roar whilst playing in the woods and doesn’t know where to find it!
We need your help! Only the magic of a wish can bring back Simons roar but the magical wish stones are missing.

Our magical woodland guides will guide you along the trail in search of clues as to where they could be.

Chat with Lavender’s woodland friends and visit them In their homes to see if they know where Simon left his roar, and if they have seen the missing wisha-plop stones (and Dormouse’s shoe!).

Tasty Treats and magic wish stones are all part of the fun…

Each child will receive a sweet treat (freshly baked by Flumpkin squirrel) and their very own Wish-a-plop stone to take away. 

⭐  Tickets Now On Public Sale – Limited to only 4 days a week (Thursday to Sunday)

Commencing Saturday 24 July –

Monday 30th August 2021


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What you need to Know

We have had lots of questions about our Cirencester trail so hopefully, this information will help!
👣 Each trail is approximately 1.2km long, we feel as though this is the right distance for little legs to ensure that everyone can manage the trails.

We have allowed each group approximately 60 minutes to complete the trail.
The trails are through natural woodland and therefore, depending on the pushchair that you have, it might not be suitable for the ground.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the social distancing measures that we have in place, the trail is on a one-way system and will be co-ordinated in guided storytelling groups, it is imperative you are not late for your group start time as we have a strict act schedule to follow, we cannot be held responsible for late or missed slots and no refunds will be given if slots are missed.

Hopefully, this helps but if you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The UK Adventure Trails Team.